About this Website:


“Surviving Family and Relationship Abuse” is an unaffiliated, nonprofit website set up to make widely available high-quality information and resources about destructive family dynamics, dating and partner relationships where one person is controlling or abusing the other, child abuse and neglect, stalking, and retribution.

Beyond the abusive situation, the site provides information about trauma, PTSD, and about pathways for building a new life when you have enough safety to begin again.

These resources are available, often in bits and pieces, both on and off the web, at shelters, in books, from informed therapists, attorneys, and social workers.  Even police officers can offer valuable information when answering a call or taking a report of abuse, stalking or vandalism.

This website is the place where our dedicated team brings it all together so you can explore information that meets your immediate needs privately, and at your own speed.  There is no advertising, no oversight of content by a Board of Directors, religious affiliation, or government agency.  We take this freedom seriously, and take care not to give you any less than the best we can find.

We hope it is of use to you.  Here’s a list of articles to explore.