The Digital Calligraphy Collection Debuts

"Roots," Digital Calligraphy

The newest addi­tion: Dig­i­tal Cal­lig­ra­phy Abstract Print Col­lec­tion.  See the slide show and pick a favorite to dec­o­rate your envi­ron­ment or give as a gift.

In my world, Dig­i­tal Cal­lig­ra­phy means draw­ing with the dig­i­tal pen on a dig­i­tal page, using any of a bil­lion pos­si­ble per­mu­ta­tions of line, angle, brush con­fig­u­ra­tion, and den­sity. Not only is the pen a muta­ble object, but the size and scale of the marks change at my whim. It is a brush junkie’s ver­sion of heaven, and when the result is printed on heavy, thirsty paper like Epson Vel­vet, the result is heaven hung on the wall.

"The Hazard" 904IntarsiaScarf

Recent Com­ments:

Beau­ti­ful scarves, Lyn! I love your color palettes and designs, espe­cially the tri­an­gle pat­terns. You have superbly applied your art to knit­ting! — Sylvia Greer, Sylvia Greer Art­Works.

I love my t-shirt.  It is not only one-of-a kind, but so ver­sa­tile, I can wear it to a party or to the gro­cery store.  You should be very proud of your­self.  (see the t-shirt she bought.)