Digital Calligraphy Close Up

The Digital Calligraphy Series started as play, experimenting with brush effects in  Adobe Photoshop, to see what digital marks would emerge from Wacom tablet and pen when I made motions just like I would do with a “real” pen.

What makes the marks “calligraphy” is the interaction of the marks and empty space.  We don’t have to be able to read the words on a museum scroll to partake in the impact of the flow of the pen on silk or papyrus, the delight in thick and thin, pale and dark, open and closed forms.  These wordless pieces avoid words imposing an additional layer of interpretation.  I’m inviting you to just enjoy the marks.

Printed on beautiful 12 x 12 paper (or reproduced on a garment) they have been surprisingly adaptable and agreeable additions to daily life. Assembling the series convinced me that I don’t have change my hand or my personal vision to make art with the computer.

To see details of the Digital Calligraphy pieces, start slideshow by selecting an image.