“Hair on Fire” Vote Poster

Hair on Fire Vote

#1048 “Hair On Fire VOTE” Digital, various sizes, 2020

If you recall the recent election (2020), there was some urgency about it. I pulled a piece called “Hair on Fire” and did a digital rework with the result above, with one important exception. The piece had transparency where white shows in this web version. Whatever it was printed or displayed on became the color. A critical part of the message.

“Night Fight”

Ink painting Night Fight

#1027 Ink on Arches Paper 22 in x 30 in, 2019

It’s always hard to know what to say about an image. It should speak for itself and ink on paper is pretty direct and unsubtle. So I will make my comments personal.

Standing back after throwing the ink, I was surprised at what I had made. An obvious image of a threatening figure over another figure, down with hands raised, losing a fight. Simultaneously, it seemed to me it was two human figures making love (or whatever you call “intimacy” in your personal vocabulary). And it wasn’t friendly.

Take the story where you will after that, if you see what I saw.